Life is all about new doors opening up.  Saying goodbye to doors closing, is just life.  At first, I was afraid to let go.  Now, I see that it was God’s plan all along.  Cloudy days are turning into sunny days.  It amazes me still, what I think is the best for me, isn’t after all.  God always has a plan that is so much better than mine.  I had to peek around the corner to see if was safe to come out.  Taking a deep breath, I let go, and emerged  to the outside.  I got that feeling in my gut, something wonderful and new, and good,  was around my corner.  And, it was.  Just as God told me it would be.  My day is filled with learning new things, reaching out to others in need, creating abstract art, and writing.  So many people ask me where I get my energy.  As I am laughing at the moment, and it is hard for me to sit still, I am just really blessed to have it.  I never take life for granted.  Before my feet does hit the ground in the morning, I give thanks to Jesus for letting me live another day, To be a blessing to others that are in need, To make someone laugh and forget about the problems they are facing, Is what I am thankful for.  It is not about me anymore. It used to be.  Back many years ago, my head was so big….I was shocked it could fit through a doorway.  God did deal with that, along with many, many other things.  I smile at everything.  Even the hard and difficult days.  For I know that God will never, ever leave my side.  I have trials, but I know, I am never alone.  I have the one best friend that is better than any human form.  I am back!


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