My Father Is In Heaven

Today is Fathers Day.  A celebration to all Fathers young and old.  Some are in Heaven, as my father is.  There is not a day that does go by that I do not think of him.  He was my greatest teacher.  He did teach me to respect others, to always say…Miss, or Mr.  Always chew my gum with my mouth closed, as well as eating too, And mostly, to smile much and laugh often.  Humor is the best medicine.  He was right in many, many ways.  My father was a Basketball player for the University of Toledo, and was going to go pro.  He decided he wanted to get his education instead.  The first and only one to graduate from College.  He did teach me that family is everything.  He would be sad, as my own brother and I have not spoken a word in a tad over 4 years.  I love him, and pray for him and his family every day.  Life is short.  And, I have turned the corner, for you never know when Jesus will be calling you home.  I know I am just passing through here in this world.  There is a far better place than this, that Jesus, and our Heavenly Father has prepared for us.  Dad, you were the best earthly father ever!  I love you and miss you each and every single day.  Until we meet again…I love you.  

Your Daughter Lynne~


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