It has been awhile for sure! I just started a class at Church called CELEBRATE RECOVERY…It is all about life’s hang-ups, addictions, hurts, depression. And guess what? You don’t just have to be on drugs or drink 24/7 to be in CELEBRATE RECOVERY. I love Jesus with all my heart and soul. I re-dedicated my life over to him. I surrendered all. I realized, that I just can’t do it by myself anymore. As much as I want too, or try, I fail. So, I did a inventory of myself. I had to come clean. That meant making a list of ALL my bad decisions, and sin, hurting others, and asking God for his forgiveness. Next, was either telling the people in my life that I hurt them, and was sorry, or writing a letter. Seeing the person face to face was the best thing. Talk about hard to do right? I had to let go of myeself absorbed world. I made friends with my ex husband, I am blessing people that I meet. I had to dig down deep in myself and talk about my relationships that were toxic, and forgive them, and ask God to forgive me. I gave God my guilt, my shame, and past hurts, my anger, my grudges, and surrender all to him. I felt peaceful. I am studying God’s word every day. Praying all throughout the day. I am far from prefect, nor will ever be. But that is okay. For God knows I am human and I am going to mess up all the time. As long as I ask forgiveness, I know he is blessing me. I am thankful to live within my means. I thank him for the coffee I drink, for my body, the car that I drive, the people that are in my life. Here is the great part. I told the mean maintance man where I live that I am praying for him. He laughed, as he does not believe in Jesus. I told him..No, really, I am praying for you. Jesus loves you. He is waiting for you to come to him to give to him all your anger, and your hurt. He laughed more. He told me that he only answers to 1 boss. I told him..GREAT THAT IS JESUS! He said NO, the one who signs my check. I told him GREAT! That is Jesus! He supplies you with everything that you need. Remember, it is not YOUR money…It is God’s money. Pray to him, and you and God can come up with a great plan to save, and live within your means. He doesn’t want you to struggle. He will however, get your attention. He is a jealous God. He wants 1 thing…YOU.
This is what CELEBRATION RECOVERY is teaching me. There is nothing I can’t tackle. With God by my side…It is wonderful!


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