Trading My Tears For Peace


I cried when I got divorced. I made a mistake. I didn’t pray to God about the man I fell in love with. He was a charming chef indeed. He knew everything about food, and wine. He swept me off my feet. I moved in with him, and we made plans to be together forever. Our forever was cut short. We got married in 2008, and then came the fighting about every little thing. I heard Gods voice the night before we were married, in his son Walts conversation that we had. Walter told me…” Lynne, don’t marry my dad “. I shook his comment off. Puzzled for sure. The wedding was beautiful. Outdoors, surrounded by family and friends, both of us in love I thought. I felt like I was walking on egg shells around my husband at home. It was like we were strangers, and in many ways we were. I heard Gods voice loud and clear. ” You didn’t ask me “. I didn’t seek Gods heart, I went after what I wanted. God does answer prayers….Be ready for this! For I told God I would like to renew relationships. I asked God to see Bill again. It was last November at a local food store, where I just finished my workout when Bill came around the corner! We chatted for a bit. He invited me over to talk. God did open my eyes very wide. I saw the inside of the house we shared, it was left exactly as I decorated it. God showed me, history does not change. Bill enjoys drinking wine, not just a glass or two, but bottles of wine. I shared with Bill that I don’t drink anymore. If I do drink, it is water. God has showed me that water is the living water of life! The house has not been cleaned for sometime. I do know, that after our divorce he moved in his assistant from work. There his new girlfriend lived with him for 3 years until she too moved out before last Christmas. I pray for Gods direction in my life. I pray about everything. I am blessed to say goodbye to wine, and beer. Drinking for me makes me make the wrong decisions, and that is not what God wants me to do. He wants my mind clear, and focused. I learned to let go, I surrendered all to God. There are still battles that I go through, everyday. That is when I turn up my Worship Music, sing and dance! I am thankful for the blessings God has blessed me with! I gave him my tears, and my heartache. He in return God has blessed me with peace, and love.


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