Friendship Blessings

Like the wind whispering throught the trees, Your spirit lifts me, Teaching me valuable lessons. I wait patiently to grow in the light of your eyes seeking approval, Knowing the comfort in your silent embrace, And I listen carefully to what it offers.

I feel the joy in your laughter and your trusting eyes, And learn to give of myself for no judgement is passed. When sadness fills my heart with disappointment, And I need protection from the storm, It is then I realize the depth of our friendship. We are sewn together with unbreakable thread.

I understand that fabric only gets better with age, and should be handled with care.

And, sometimes it has to rain. I have discovered my own beauty by lessons learned while discovering yours. Like a beautiful sky after the storm. Your courage to break free from the clouds still amazes me. I close my eyes to feel the warmth of the sun, such a grecious gift you have given me.

Appreciating the gentleness and I sigh with thankfulness, Recongizing my fourtune.

To share a piece of my life with a soul that so perfectly fits mine. A puzzle with missing pieces now complete. How sad for those still searching! My blessings are abundant, and I will always hold you close.


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