God Is Alway’s True

YES! HARD TO BELIEVE!!! That November 22nd was the start of a brand new life for me. I surrendered my weight to God. The vessel that me molded me with, I took for granted. I weighed 265 pounds. I ate for escape. When I ate, many times it was in private. I ate all the wrong things. Give me the bag of Oreo’s, the chips, ( Pringles were my favorite ). I could eat 2 cans of them with no problem. Fast food was a way of life for me too. When I finished the Meal Deal, I moved on to something else. It was what I call the “Roller Coaster Effect”. Food made me happy. When I was down, Food was what made me happy. I went through a series of events from the loss of both of my parents, a divorce in the mix, to almost losing my daughter, to a job that I hated. I couldn’t figure out why God was allowing me to go through the “Ground Hogs Day” Day after Day. Something happened to me November 22nd, 2013. I had a dream the night before, and a voice told me, “Enough is Enough”. Time to let go. Write down all your guilty thoughts, Your shame, Your blaming others, Your lies, Your little faith, Your complaining, and give it to me. God told me this. Now, I love coffee creamer! I used to drink 1 cup of coffee creamer and then add a splash of coffee. NO JOKE! On November 22nd however, I went to my fridge, and chucked in the garbage all my 12 different varities of creamer! It was drastic. It was like I was being led. Morning routine was 1/4 of Egg Beaters, and water. Mid morning was 1 cup of Strawberries. I stayed away from the high carb friut. Lunch was 1 or 2 cups of spinich, and 5 oz of grilled chicken, mid afternoon snack was 1 cup of strawberries, dinner was 2 cups of spinich, and 5 oz of grilled chicken. Yes! I am a creature of habit! All my guilt, shame, little faith, complaining, FLEW OFF IN NO TIME. I started jogging too. If I don’t jog, I walk daily! 6.68 miles to 9.5! It is my time to share with God what is on my mind, and to go to him in prayer. I jog or walk for an hour and 15 minutes. Today, I am down 97.8 pounds. Don’t get me wrong, there are days that I think to myself…well just one cookie won’t hurt….YES, IT WILL. I asked God to sustain me from junk, and alcohol. His promises are always true. He always answers prayers. Not in our time, but HIS!


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