I Am Back

It has been awhile! I have been hard at work with myself. I lost a total of 95.5 pounds. A spiritual commitment.  I have shedded out skin.  I have held on to old anger, and guilt that I had to let go of. I also told God that I surrender everything.  I lived with a man who asked me to marry him a few years ago, then a month after he did he told me he didnt mean it. This was after him giving me a ring, and telling the world that he adked me to marry him.  As you can guess, I was heart broke. A friend I met JODIE DYE who is also a author of her book..BEAUTY TREATMENTS..PREPARE TO MEET YOUR KING. She told me to lift my arms to the Heavens and surrender all to God. I remember after I saw her coming home, getting on my knees, stretching my arms out wide and tellung God I SURRENDER TO YOU MY KING, MY FATHER GOD! I felt a peace so poweful and warm all over my vessel. I feel so much joy. Nothing is impossible, as long as God is by my side. 



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