Hello to all! I am back! I am healthy! I have more energy now than ever! I said good-bye to ALL Processed Foods! See ya later bread, rice, pasta, artifical junk! Hello to high packed protein, and only dark green leafy veggies that are eaten raw, and fresh only! All the food is consumed by 6 pm, and nothing later. 64 oz of water, and that also must be drank by 6pm. I found out that the Quest Protein Bar is packed with 20 to 21 grams of protein, and 17 grams of fiber. IT DOES NOT TASTE LIKE THE NASTY HARD PROTEIN BAR EITHER! Great for on the run, and if you skip a meal. Work-outs for me are walking 7-8 miles 6 times a week. Yep! all my numbers came tumbling down as this result. My blood pressure has never been so good. Where in the past it was 145/100….It is now 103/62! Do you have goals? Do it! Not enough time you say? Bull! Make time for you! Cut out the things that are time choking! For you are the most important! Time to get healthy, and start moving!


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