It has now been 5 weeks with my diet plan.  I now have lost 36.5 pounds.  Everything has changed with me.  It is like a butterfly has emerged.  As I giggled by Mr. Donut man at the store yest, I realized I am not hungry for crappy foods anymore.  I had a wonderful breakfast of my usual 1/4 cup of eggbeaters, a slice of diet bread, and 1 cup of watermellon, and I feel full and satified.  I am also doing a day or two of intermediate fasting.  My choice.  It is very spiritual, and benefical for me.  I stay hydrated all throughout my day.  It takes strength and courage to do intermediate fasting, to a full day of fasting.  I am learning that I have been using food as my sheild.  I was a very emotional eater.  Heck, even some of my media friends always entered me in a eating contest in the past, for I know I would win.  I would make truckers cry over it too!  Something I am not proud of, but it is always in the back of my mind.  Intermediate fasting is skipping a meal or two.  WHOA, before you roll your eyes….there are many health benefits to intermediate fasting.  Another way of detoxing your body. I checked with my NEW family doctor before I started this.  He is NOT into the pill popping society of doctors that are ready to write you out a prescription.  He is into alternative approaches of benefiting the body, and doing it on a natural approach.  I will write more about intermediate fasting on here a little later.  I always wanted to challenge myself, and I am more calm, my blood pressure has been the best it ever has in over 20 years, all my numbers came down, Not just from the intermediate fasting, but from the diet that I am on now.  I am off ALL medication, and feeling fabulous.


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