Blood Lab Reference Ranges~

For those of you that are wondering what the reference range is on blood work, I have them!  Measured by units by the labs.  

GLUCOSE LEVELS~ 65-105 is normal.  Anything over this, you are boarder line diabetic

TRIGLYCERIDES~ < 150  is normal.  Anything over this folks is not good.  

HDL~                      > 40.0

LDL~                      < 100

SODIUM                    133-148

BUN                           5.0-23.0

URIC ACID                 2.4-6.9

POTASSIUM               3.3-5.3

CHOLESTEROL      <  200


My prior doctor was not concerned with my weight.  After YEARS of telling him that something is not right.  He did my blood work and said that everything was fine.  Everything was not fine.  In fact I was boarderline Diabetic, my Triglycerides were high, and also my LDL.  If your family doc is saying ” Oh everything is fine”, ” Don’t worry”, ” Your getting older”, BS!  I took matters in my own hands, searched for a doctor that cared about HOW TO EAT, WHAT TO EAT, and was not a pill popping moron.  Lost weight, with more coming off. And now…….My numbers are the best they ever have been.  See ya later Pre-Diabetic mode!  And high Triglycerides!  And hello to a new life!  If you get your labs drawn, ask your doc to see them, and make a copy.  We just have to take matters in our own hands at times.  And, our life depends on it.


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