I had a email from a lady that asked me if “Deli Meats” are okay.  The answer is a flat out NO! it is not okay.  The reason is simple.  They are packed with the one thing that raises your heart rate, and blood pressure.  SODIUM.  That nasty word!  All veggies and fruits must be fresh or fresh-frozen.  And no saving food for the next day.  Every food that you prepare is to be weighed out!  Meats can be boiled, grilled or roasting.  Can’t even use fat oil, grease, butter, or margarine!  DARN IT YOU MIGHT SAY…THEN WHAT?  Use unflavored Pam.

If you must use seasoning here is a list of what you can use…Ready?

Mustard~ 1 T

Catsup~ 1 T

Worchestershire~ 1 T

I can’t believe it’s not butter~ 5 sprays

M.McButter~ 1 T

I am telling you~ during your 3 day protein food cleanse, you will drop the pounds.  Eat as much protein as you want for lunch and dinner, with your green veggies.  Just make sure you are eating 1/2 cup of eggbeaters, or 1/2 cup of scrambled eggs, or a hard boiled egg in the morning.

If you want 2 steaks at lunch and dinner- go for it.  This 3 day food cleanse WORKS!  Day 4, you are into gear.

Break Down~

BREAKFAST: Egg, Fruit, Diet Bread ( comes in a hamburger bun, and only 1/2 )

SNACK: Fruit and Tea

LUNCH: Protein weighed out raw, 6/5 oz of chicken or 7/5 oz of fish, Veggie 1 cup, and a slice of diet bread.

SNACK:  Fruit and Tea

DINNER: Protein weighed out raw, 6/5 oz of chicken, or 7/5 oz of fish, 2 cup veggie, slice of diet bread


You can have red meat, only 3 1/2 oz,  but only 2 twice a week, and never 2 days in a row.

If I can do this, and lose over 30 pounds in 1 month, you can too.  My whole outlook has changed.  I thought I was eating healthy for crying out loud!  I would work out so hard only to gain weight the next day.  I wanted to toss my scale out the window!  And, what made it worse, is that my own family doctor did not tell me that my blood work was terrible!  I started to follow a new doctor, who doesn’t believe in “pill popping”.  And told me what to eat, and how to eat.  And little by little, I seen the numbers on my scale take a down-ward hike!  Don’t let people kid you either, that you have to work-out for hours on end!  You don’t.. Mild walking, riding a bike, enough to have your heart rate spike, and sweat, and you are done.  AMAZING


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  1. Well said, a sensible approach and the results speak for themselves – glad it’s going good for you 🙂


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