I am saving money. I am not using my credit cards. I am only using cash. My motto is: No bargain is a bargain if I can’t afford it. So..I am not eating out at any restaurants for 1 year, I am not using my credit cards, I am saving money, and losing weight. 2 of the most wonderful things I ever wanted to do! I had to discover my trigger to buy things. For me, it was emotional shopping. Just like emotional eating. I had to find another way to release pent up stress besides shopping. I had to learn to just walk away from so called bargains. Many credit cards charge 29% interest. And don’t fool yourself…Them salespeople know what they are doing! They get free things when they sell you on store credit cards. I make all my meals at home, and it taste better. My coffee is out of this world too. I use a coffee press. And, I must say it is better than Starbucks. I had to Devise a “Defeat The Debt” plan for me. Knowing my financial numbers, Expenses, Listing all my debts, and listing all my assets. It was then I saw all my Expenses. Foolish things that I don’t need. Repayment on debts. I am now saving more, and tracking my success. More on this hot topic later, and how I am saving hundreds of dollars a month!


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  2. HI! i myself have Just started to do the same thing with debt and weight loss. I started Sept 30 and ive not used a credit card yet. Only thing i had to that really sucked is get a small consolidation loan to get a head start on my really high interest credit cards. This is a difficult journey 😦 i wish you luck!


  3. Posted by Julsey on October 8, 2013 at 5:13 pm

    I have tried and tried this way. I have no credit cards at all. It hasn’t been until recently that I have overdrawn my checking account. I was totally freaked out when that happened. About destroyed my self-esteem on that one. I am finding this very hard, the saving money and paying off debts though, as my daughter is growing up. She just turned 10 and is in the “I want this and this and this” mode, but doesn’t want to do chores to earn money, etc. any suggestions?


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