One of my friends called me to tell me she bought the most wonderful make-up. It cost her 143.00! WHAT? Here you go…Don’t buy into “The Lie” when purchasing cosmetics. Cosmetic companies will tell you just about anything to sell a product, especially when it comes to skin care. Marketers spend millions of dollars trying to convince us that their products work miracles. They have found ways to get around the FDA regulations by using subjective rather than objective terms and by putting their claims in terms like ” REJUVENATES,” “ENRICHES,” and “TONES.” Actually, if any substance affects permanent change in the body, it is considered a drug and must go through years of testing by the FDA. Be careful. Deception is everywhere-even in the cosmetic industry. Evaluate what you hear by what you know to be true. As for my friend Kelly, she is taking back her “To Good To Be True Cosmetics.”


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