Hello to all the bloggers out there. I am a very simple minded lady that decided it was time to leave my job February 2013. I worked in healthcare for over 24 years. I was the fun person for my patients. A high energy, very focused Recreational Director, I would do anything for my patients. Doors close for a reason. My daughter and I self published and Illustrated two Children’s Books that quickly got attention from our local media to Jamie Farr. For those who don’t know Jamie, he played Kilinger on the TV hit show M*A*S*H. WEll…one thing led to another. The Adventure’s of Loxley and Chuck was well on their way. I am showing pictures of my 3 pets who are my best friends. Jacoby is my rescue dog. He now knows first hand what love is. Loxley and Chuck were found on a hot pavement in July over two years ago. My, how time flies! All together we are writing about Children’s Books, sharing pictures, health tips and more.
Please feel free to write your comments. I will be going to Washington, DC Spring of 2014 to talk to Congress about tougher laws that need to be in place for people that are adopting God’s creatures. I will be sharing Jacoby’s story.
God Bless You All, And Thank-You.
Lynne Carroll


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